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Why do some companies create captivating products, while other companies create products that fail to generate enthusiasm, or even just flop?

Built to Love reveals why product emotions are critical to the long-term success of a product, whether the product is service or physical or software, business-to-business or consumer. Built to Love also describes how to create products that people love so much they can’t see themselves without them.

Praise for Built to Love

“Boatwright and Cagan present an engaging and compelling argument why product emotions drive product success. Built to Love uncovers the science of product emotion, rigorously proving the value of emotion to customers and showing how any firm can design captivating products and services.”  

— Daniel H. Pink.  Author of Drive and A Whole New Mind


“Emotions have been under-researched and underutilized in designing a product’s identity and strategy. Boatwright and Cagan have brilliantly filled this gap with Built to Love.

— Philip Kotler.  S.C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing at the Northwestern University Kellogg Graduate School of Management


“If rationality dictated every consumer decision there would be no Apple, Google, Porsche, or Ferrari. The business principle that the healthiest margins accrue from emotion is well established, and every business strives to achieve that holy grail combination of quality product and sense irresistibility that constitutes business success. Boatwright and Cagan clearly understand this phenomenon, and their book provides an excellent framework by which these elements can be made more predictable.”

— Dee Kapur.  President, Truck Group, Navistar International Inc.

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“By providing not only functional but emotional value, good product design can build brand loyalty and increase profit margins.  With its analytical approach and fresh case studies, Built to Love demonstrates how even the most utilitarian business-to-business products appeal to buyers' emotions--and offers practical tools any business can use to enhance product value. It's must-reading for anyone involved in product design or interested in understanding why today's aesthetic imperative reaches well beyond traditional fashion businesses.”

—Virginia Postrel.  Author, The Substance of Style: How the Rise of Aesthetic Value Is Remaking Commerce, Culture, and Consciousness


"The most intensive and thorough discussion I have ever seen explaining the strategies that can bring the added value of Emotional pull to a product or service platform.  In the automobile industry the process of leveraging Emotion has been perfected by car design over decades, and Boatwright and Cagan have formalized and condensed the essence of this successful approach into the type of 'guidebook' other industries have been waiting for."

—Chris Bangle.  Former Chief Designer, BMW.
Partner and Managing Director, Chris Bangle Associates S.R.L.


"In good economic times, and bad, businesses must seek ways to avoid the commoditization of their products and services.  Peter Boatwright and Jonathan Cagan, through their analysis of supported and associated emotions provide a roadmap by which we can identify and validate emotion based opportunities and develop product and program solutions that will delight our customers now and in the future."

—William Lambert.  CEO, Mine Safety Appliances Company (MSA)


“As Peter Boatwright and Jonathan Cagan point out in their book Built to Love, ‘emotion is human and its reach is vast.’ Technologists tend to ignore the power of emotion in their designs and products, in part because they respect reason and distrust emotion, but also because engineering tools have not addressed the emotional side of design. Built to Love combines lessons from marketing, emotion theory, psychological measurement, and engineering design to provide tools for designers and engineers so that their products can properly engage the emotions. Now there can be no excuse for not acting.”

—Don Norman.  Breed Professor of Design, Northwestern University. Author of “Emotional Design”


 “Built to Love profoundly displays that emotional benefits are to be considered and managed at the same level as financial profit, industrial processes, or communications ... emotion makes money.  The book structures the emotional attributes of products and brands into rational and logical tools, providing a practical and actionable management approach.  Boatwright and Cagan have achieved a most difficult task by offering clarity to the challenges of creating emotion in products.”

—Francois Bancon.  Nissan Motor Limited, Japan.
Division general manager - Global Product Strategy and Exploratory-Advanced Product Planning

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Peter Boatwright(L), Jonathan Cagan(R)

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Built to Love: What’s Inside

Summary of Book

Built to Love reveals how companies can create captivating products that energize the marketplace and set the standard for what customers want and expect. Firms often hope the answer is to produce the latest high technology devices – only to find that they fail to light up the marketplace.  Or firms rely on ads that overstate or mislead, leaving the customer disappointed and disillusioned.  Instead, a deeper emotional engagement between the customer and product is required, regardless of whether the products are physical products, services, technologies, software, systems, or brands.

Using a combination of industry-based research and laboratory experiments, Boatwright and Cagan demonstrate that customers will richly pay for products that authentically provide emotional fulfillment.  They uncover the science behind successful products that create an avid and loyal following, and they present evidence that product emotions increase a product’s success in the marketplace as well as a firm’s success in the stock market (even when the economy is down!).

A practical how-to guide, the book next shows how to analyze customers’ emotional needs and translate those needs into features that galvanize those customers.  Throughout, the book uses revealing case studies that show how to energize customers in both consumer and business-to-business worlds, in both large and small firms.

List of Chapters

Introduction: Energizing the Marketplace

Chapter 1: Product Emotions

Chapter 2: Profitability of Emotions

Chapter 3: The High Emotion Index: Stock Market Gains from Emotion       

Chapter 4: The Paths to Emotion

Chapter 5: Supported Emotions: The Key to Today’s Leading Products

Chapter 6: Product Emotion Strategy

Chapter 7: The Emotion of Form and Touchpoints to Create It 

Chapter 8: Meeting Societal Needs: Positive Roles for Emotion

Chapter 9: Emotion’s Role in Technology Products

Chapter 10: Taking Action: Transform Your Products and Brands to Captivate Customers



























Q & A Videos 
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Why are product emotions different from emotion around products that we are used to?
What is a key overall message you have for companies?
You are experts in methods for innovation as well as product emotions. What do you do differently from others?
Where did you get the insights to write Built to Love?
Are the methods that you introduce only useful for physical, consumer products?
Who is the audience for your book, Built to Love?
Are your ideas accessible to a general audience?
Social networks are a really hot topic today - how does word-of-mouth relate to product emotions?
Does it take a Steve Jobs to create a captivating product?
Do your methods on product emotions provide a strategy for product development?
Are product emotions essential for success, even through down economies?



























About the Authors

Globally known for their rigorous and effective approach to product innovation, Professors Peter Boatwright and Jonathan Cagan collaborate in corporate consulting, research on innovation processes and tools, teaching and leading innovation teams, and speaking engagements on the topic of innovation. Peter Boatwright is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the Tepper School of Business and Jonathan Cagan is the George Tallman and Florence Barrett Ladd Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. In the Carnegie Mellon tradition, Boatwright also has an appointment in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Cagan in the Schools of Design and Computer Science. 

Boatwright and Cagan actively consult with companies ranging from Fortune 100 to entrepreneurial start-ups, with a focus on product strategy and innovation as well as brand strategy.  Their formal approaches to opportunity identification and problem solving have been integrated into a diverse range of companies including International Truck/Navistar, Apple, P&G, Dormont Manufacturing, Bayer Materials, Respironics, MSA, Whirlpool, Lubrizol, Kennametal, Alcoa, RedZone Robotics, DesignAdvance Systems, Industrial Scientific, and Giant Eagle. 

Boatwright and Cagan co-lead executive training sessions and practice-based courses at the university. They co-teach an annual course on new product innovation and have co-run other product strategy courses, resulting in multiple patents for corporate sponsors.  They also actively collaborate on research in innovation methods and have co-authored a previous book (The Design of Things to Come: How Ordinary People Create Extraordinary Products).  Between their consulting, corporate projects, and innovation courses they have advised over 200 product innovation teams
Prof. Boatwright’s expertise and teaching focuses on innovation, new product marketing and brand strategy, and marketing research methods.   Through research, Boatwright has both developed new statistical methods as well as additional theories of consumer behavior, spanning qualitative and quantitative methodologies, studying consumer response, product assortment, and early product research methods. Dr. Boatwright has an M.S. in Statistics from University of Wisconsin, and both his M.B.A and Ph.D are from University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.  Boatwright’s scholarly articles appear in leading research journals in the fields of marketing, statistics, and management.

Prof. Cagan is an expert in product development and innovation methods for early stage product development, computational design, and cognitive mechanisms for innovation. Both his design methods and computer-based design research have been applied in a variety of industries. He co-founded and served as Chief Technologist of DesignAdvance Systems, Inc., a company focused on developing CAD software for the early synthesis processes.  Cagan has authored over 150 publications.  He is the co-author of a third book (Creating Breakthrough Products: Innovation from Product Planning to Program Approval).  He co-founded and co-directs the Masters in Product Development program at Carnegie Mellon.  Cagan has 5 issued and 2 pending patents, is a licensed Professional Engineer, and is a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.  Cagan received his Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley after working for the Eastman Kodak Company.  He has been on the faculty of Carnegie Mellon since 1990.


























Speaking Engagements

Boatwright and Cagan are available to speak on the topics of product emotion and product innovation. Their presentations are broadly appealing, and they can also be targeted to specific company contexts. 

To book Boatwright and Cagan for a speaking engagement contact:  
 Matt Jones at Leading Authorities:
1-800-SPEAKER or (202) 783-0300

Company Engagements

Boatwright and Cagan work with companies in various types of engagements:

1. Leading companies in the development of actionable strategies that result in emotion and performance valued by customers. 

2. Guiding internal teams through innovation projects ranging from clean sheet design to product revision. 

3. Training employees using interactive executive education seminars in product innovation process and methods.

4. Speaking engagements to inspire employees to rethink the way they deliver value to their customers.

They have applied their methods to large and small companies in a variety of physical  product, brand, software, service, and business contexts.

To hire Boatwright and Cagan for consulting engagements email:

boatwright@carnegiestrategies.com, cagan@carnegiestrategies.com, or go to carnegiestrategies.com



























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Contact Information

To book Boatwright and Cagan for a speaking engagement contact:

Matt Jones at Leading Authorities:
1-800-SPEAKER or (202) 783-0300

For media, consulting or other discussions contact:


For research projects through Carnegie Mellon University contact:

Peter Boatwright at boatwright@cmu.edu
Jonathan Cagan at cagan@cmu.edu


























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